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Friday Snoozefest.. or Is It?

by Emporos   ·  May 28, 2021   ·  

Friday Snoozefest.. or Is It?

by Emporos   ·  May 28, 2021   ·  

Portfolio Recap

Here is a quick update on our stonk trading portfolio.

ZNGA ELY URA, AZURF, and a few more you can find in our live trading room involving Uranium. Uranium offers the best risk/reward for the era of “alternative” energy. There will be no smooth transition, and Oil will continue to soar higher as well. However, if you decide to trade Crude Oil, we recommend opening a futures account for commodities. Lumber, Agriculture, Metals, and more will continue to soar as inflation paves the way forward and rotations continue to develop into them.

The switch to building more solar panels will put even more strain on rare materials. Plenty of high-tech electronic components, like solar panels, rechargeable batteries, and complex circuits, require specific rare metals. Once people realize the insanity of what they are trying to do the switch to nuclear power is inevitable.


We wrote an article about Zynga several months ago, and it has continued to accumulate in a range. My analysis shows us the sluggish market will continue to lead to speculation and strong moves in individual stocks, including Zynga. Not only is the fundamental research robust on Zynga, but it is also a strong candidate for a future price trend.

ELY: New ATH in price discovery.

Callaway golf released a new product line with their recent acquisition of top golf. Summer months are here, and Phil Mickelson was advertising Calloway gear. His victory over the tour led to a catalyst driving the price of $ELY upwards. We expect the price target to be in the upper 40’s.


AZURF is a speculative mining company. As you can see from our example image above, Uranium has been growing steadily. We have a strong conviction in Uranium as the world will start to shift into debates about the future of energy. We want to invest profits into these types of companies for the future.
Anyway, I will be posting more portfolio recaps on the blog more. There will be a public portfolio currently in a demo where you can follow along with our positions. The demo is already live in our trading room.

Have a great weekend! Visit us at our trading room.


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