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The FED’s monetary incompetence has cultivated an environment of rapid speculation. In the 1920s shoe shine boys shared speculative stock tips, but the promotion of SPACs and fly by night penny stocks concerns us to a graver extent. The amount of cash on the table right now is frankly frightening.

From your aunt to the local plumber, everyone seems to be trading on Robinhood. Ask these folks to justify their trades and see what happens. Seriously, try it. We doubt they will produce much more than a tweet.

We at Emporos Research are a research company. We take the time to tunnel through rabbit holes and find profitability. I’ve traded privately on personal accounts and on the accounts of clients as well; we are always open to pursuing arrangements of this sort. Contact us and we will put you in touch with our trading division.

None of these claims prove to be of any use to you without proof. All trades are verified live in our Research Trading Room. Below is a collection of our main portfolio utilizing Emporos research and ideas. For more please check out our Live Trading Room.

Performance for 1 year 2020-2021

Some notable plays we found early on that contributed to our main portfolio for the year of 2020-2021.

  • Solana and its corresponding ecosystem
  • Serum
  • Raydium
  • The Graph
  • Lexec RLC
  • And more, mostly swing trades.

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