Today I want to share with you a report.

As most of you are aware, people are talking about the stock market more than ever. Is this just the beginning of a euphoric bull market when our economies open up? These are uncertain times, and no one can predict the market. You can anticipate and adapt to new information. Doing this type of market analysis is how you create profitable trades and ideas.

My story is simple. I created this market research company to bring a sense of professionalism to my work. Think less of the WSB(Wall Street Bet) culture. My goal is to help all market participants regardless of age. To bring the highest transparency levels for my work, I do everything under my corporate brand name. I want you to be the judge of the value you gain. 

All powerful trading platform.

Yes, our live trading room grants you charting services, widgets, stock screeners, profit calculators, volume analysis, and so much more for free. I use this as my professional resource hub. The only premium feature involved with the live chat and trading group is the Live Trades section.

Advanced Stock Screener

Here is an overview.

Live Trade Section

Notice I do not call it live signals; this is because they are not traditional signals. I trade them in real-time on real brokerage accounts that you can request at any time. Not only that, I show you how an honest trader manages a position as it goes in your favor, or even if it starts going against you. Now you understand the meaning of the word professionalism. Good luck finding a trading guru or stock peddler offering you guarantees and a verified trading record. 

I will now show you the most recent trade performances that you will see for yourself if you decide to register. Remember! It is 100% FREE to join and chat with us. Even if you do not want to sign up for the live trades, you are still getting UNCENSORED ideas and help! I will also be sharing free trials of our proprietary volume indicator and pivotal grid for a limited time. These work primarily with tradingview right now.

Examples of everything you would see in real-time if you join our live chat.


Bitcoin Long/Short 

Popular DEFI Tokens

Uniswap $3.00 to $20.00

Sushiswap $3.00 to $12.00

Solana blockchain $1.50 to $5.30

Maker Dao $500 to $1700

Serum $1 to $3.00

$GRT 0.30 cents to $0.75


1/1/2021 Portfolio

$ZNGA $10.00

$SNDL $0.47 to $1.00

$SPCE $15-$55

$WEN $22.00

$HPQ $16-$25

$GME $15.00

$CRLBF $7.00-$15.00


When an opportunity arises, we enter these. 


Gold $1786-$1832-$1876

Silver $23-$25

Platinum $1000. Big Hold. 

Oil $50-55

Uranium ideas in the future

Portfolio Index

ETF in 3d printing niche. $PRNT


The ready meal service sector

Drone manufacturing stocks


Upcoming for Veterans

Portfolio Indexes tailored to your own risk and purpose.


Why do you sell services or products if you make money trading? This question is inevitable. So I will answer it fully now. Trading or investing a capital intensive business. I like doing research, writing reports, building indicators, testing strategies, and so on. I do not get paid for my time doing this all.  I sometimes use the additional capital to test new strategies. In short, I believe its a great way to have an additional income stream doing what I genuinely love.

What if I don't like the service or product and want a refund? I offer a guarantee on all services for at least 30 days, as stated in our terms and conditions. As I said before. I actually make money trading. If you do not something Emporos Research offers, all you have to do is fill out a form and request your refund before 30 days.

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