Quarterly Outlook 

Issue #2  

Emporos Research Outlook and Review


Currently, Cryptocurrency projects are some of the most innovative on the market. We are bullish on the asset class in general and expect to see Bitcoin reach $100,000 USD sometime in 2021. 


My Ethereum thesis differs from that of the market. The Ethereum gas issue has yet to be solved. 

As long as gas fees remain incredibly high, crypto users/holders will hesitate to lend Ethereum on DeFi applications. 

Save for absolute novices; you most likely have heard of BNB’s bump in price as Binance Chain gains traction. Pancakeswap is the ecosystem run by Binance.  

In terms of competitors on the Ethereum chain, besides BNB, Solana and DOT are most popular, but we anticipate new players dipping toes in the space over the next few months. 

As a company, we have decided not to hold ethereum these past few months; we have been trading and investing in competitor projects such as Solana, Serum, Raydium, Pancakeswap, and SUSHI with great success. 

As a company, our research shows us that limiting exposure to ethereum right now. The gas fees will continue to slow innovation and turn away new users on the ethereum chain. 

To maintain a sharp edge headed into Q2, we are looking to up-and-coming projects such as ORBS, an interoperable blockchain focusing on bridging DeFi applications and ecosystems for gradual use in everyday life. While we are bullish on Defi in general, we foresee a battle for dominance as the web 3.0 formulates. 

We are pretty interested in Cefi as the centralization and decentralization start to come together for various use cases. 

As always, doing your own due diligence helps to appease any hesitations. We will continue to seek out and analyze profitable opportunities; we prefer to be early and hunt down 10x and 25x returns. As always, the wild-west-esque nature of the current crypto realm hides many risks beneath rewards, which we will continue to flesh out and present to you. 


We called the commodities surge in December 2020. We were about 80% on the money with our calls; currently, copper, aluminum, lumber, and crops are soaring in price. Gold and silver (the traditional stores of wealth) have traded sideways if not in decline on any given day. How can this be? Thank the treasury. As long as real yield rates rise, it will be hard for gold to get a leg up. 

Despite being suppressed and manipulated for decades by banks, silver looks more and more like an attractive trade with a breakout ahead. The other week, Big Short savant Dr. Michael Burry tweeted about the real risk of hyperinflation, which earned him a visit from the SEC. If that doesn’t ring alarm bells in your head, I’m not sure what will. Although it breaks with the big government’s traditional narrative, we foresee even more inflation coming soon in some capacity

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