Approved Tools and Brokers

We use and recommend all of the products listed below. Given the focus we will start with brokers and exchanges for most people to trade on and work down to resources for learning trading, staying sharp, and tools that will help you.

Trade Exchanges and Brokers

Fxchoice: If you are in the US and are looking for a regulated brokerage that gives access to commodities, indices, and forex. We have spent hours searching for brokers and there really aren’t many options for US clients. This is also a great broker worldwide.

SimpleFX: We have gotten several requests on where to trade anonymously and Simplefx is a starter resource for those looking to trade without any KYC. The benefits of this website offer you access to multiple stocks and indices throughout the world. This is a non-regulated exchange do keep that in mind.

Bybit: One of the most widely recommended places to trade the cryptocurrency known as bitcoin. They offer leverage(Up to 100x) and a few other major currencies.

FTX: A crypto derivative exchange with the most assets you will find in this space. Where I am currently trading.

BitSeven: A very simple bitcoin trading exchange. We will make a video highlight of easy this is soon. Instant withdraw and deposit.

Bitmex: One of the oldest Bitcoin derivative exchanges. Most of our readers and members have heard of bitmex and use it occasionally. There are better alternatives though.

The 5ers: A firm that will help fund your trading career. If you want a exponential growth model for trading, they will bankroll you. The rewards are plentiful if you are a profitable trader.

Tool Related and Chart Services

Tradingview: Tradingview is great for beginners and veterans alike. A reliable charting platform.

Edgewonk: Considered to be the Lambo of all trading journals. If you are serious about your trading this is a must have. Not only will you get access to analytical tools to improve your edge, you will have a full record and log allowing you to review and improve your profitability.

Vultr: When you’re first getting started in your journey to trade you may not think you need a vps. A virtual private server allows you to connect to a broker or exchange instantly without any lag. If you are a high frequency trader or scalper, vultr offers nice rates compared to the competition. Using our link will also give you a discount.

Haasonline: For people who trade mostly digital currency. Haasonline allows you to create automated trading bots and programs that will assist you, or even trade while you sleep. If an exchange doesn’t offer a stoploss, no problem set one up in the haas interface. You will be able to feel what it’s like to have an automated bot at your beck and call.

Other Related Products

We just recently launched our website. Edits, and more will be added to this list overtime. Thank you for reading.